G2 store restock?

Does anyone know when new sales are announced on the G2 website? It seems like every other day I check and there was a sale and they are all sold. Are there certain days or hours that sales go live?

Stock is extremely limited and usually sellout within minutes of going public. I believe there’s still an Instagram account that announced when the drops will be (g2_drops). Good luck!!!

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Awesome I’ll be sure to check it out, thanks for the info!

Ive never once seen one in stock, And im usually never far away. G2 throws are kinda like a fart in the wind. You know they are out there, but you never see them outside of the BSTs.

Reddit has developed quite a love/hate relations ship with G2. We all love him, and want to support the project, but the extreme difficulty in actually being able to buy one is a source of salt for many many people. To have one in your cart, but lose it by the end of checkout is heartbreaking.

Honestly, I stopped trying a while ago. Got in on a preorder for TiHawk, and got in for OC. But normal drops are usually gone before they are ever seen. Just makes the win so much more epic, ESPECIALLY for the lucky few who got those Rainicorn Swirls? Holy crap… Epic is an understatement.

@G2nation and @G2Drops on instagram, /r/G2nation and /rthrowers on reddit, and theres another one on facebook, but im not on facebook so i cant say.

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Yeah the select few legendary color ways still disappear like Beyoncé tickets scooped up by stubhub bots but most drops are sitting slightly longer now. They still go quick, but if you want one, it’s completely do-able

‘Most drops are sitting slightly longer now’…

Thanks; I needed a good laugh.

That’s like saying you shot somebody with a ‘slower bullet’.

Jake may have landed on a winning game plan for himself. But he seems to have generated an interesting mix of happiness and loser/sadness.

If… if you haven’t landed on the exact technique of getting in on ‘any G2 drop; you will have better luck running around in the desert with a shot glass in your hand; waiting for water drops to hit the cup.

Watch every single one of Jakes vlogs and you will see two things: he is always tired and he is always smiling.

He is always tired because he is always doing something.

He is always smiling because his ‘Surprise…catch the drop before it’s gone; business model; is working just the way he wants it to.

Personally; I think the guy is a Genius.


Personally, I think you’re completely wrong. He has a young child, and he’s still making yo-yos. Yeah, he’s probably tired. But really, if you want one, you can probably get one. If you work in a field that does not allow periodic checking of phones, then maybe you’re in a tough spot. Otherwise, if I can snag one, most other people can as well
Edit: I don’t know if you’ve got bad blood with the guy or the company, or what. You make inflammatory posts from time to time but I feel like this one is completely off base and uneducated. So much so that I’m really having to bite my tongue


It’s more of marketing than anything else, I remember back in the day swirls would sit for weeks…
Now however, they would sell out instantly.

I personally believe that’s because of the QC Jake does, and shares through his vlogs which are basically the main reason he has succeeded in doing what he “loves”.

In my opinion, G2 stuff does not interest me that much anymore; obviously you are paying over 150$ for a toy just because one man devoted some of his time into making it flawless (another factor might be the fact that most of G2s are made in the US).

Most people who were lucky enough to own a G2 did not abuse it nor play enough with it, and I do not think that buying a yoyo for 150$+ just to decorate your case with is worth it, not unless you are willing to resell it for higher than retail.

I would honestly go for an SF, half the price, almost same quality and excellent performance.

PS : I have a couple G2s I am willing to sell (for no more than retail) to someone that will hopefully feed them and give them water moderately :slight_smile:

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Does one of them happen to be a Banshee 2018 in a solid color, by any chance?

Please… don’t bite your tongue. Spit it out if you have something to say.

First off; stating that I am ‘completely wrong’ immediately identifies you have no interest in actually understanding what I meant.

Where does the ‘inflammatory’ angle come into play?

I have been on friendly terms with Jake since I’ve known the guy. I make an honest, factual, complimentary post about Jake and you assume I have ‘bad blood’ with the guy?

Dissect my post a sentence at a time. I say absolutely nothing negative. He has an effective business model. He seems tired because he is always doing something. He is smiling because his gameplan is working. He knows just what he is doing., etc…

And I finish my post by stating I think the guy is a Genius.

Where is the inflammatory part?

I have a box of Kleenex. Get out the violin and play…

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt. You honestly have me interested in your ‘I’m completely wrong’ assertion.

I am going to copy my post and send it to Jake. I will let him decide how inflammatory my complimentary post is?

… Seems no matter what I post; there’s always that ‘one guy’. Amazing.

If I gave a guy a million bucks; he’d probably write me a nasty letter saying he had to pay tax on it!


You are quite clearly implying that he is “shorting the market” to ensure there is continued demand. Spin it if you want to

And I’ll add this- if there is truly “always”one guy, maybe it’s your posts, and not the guy. I don’t know of anyone else’s posts who always have “one guy”

Ok, this is funny, because SF stuff (outside of their value SK throw, which is indeed great, but ships through onedrop) is super super hard to get because it sells out instantly.

In Jake’s defense he has been doing more and bigger drops lately based on the feedback. And there have been a lot more drops, if you do the math on the G2 Instagram account that posts before each drop.

However, it is also correct to say that small yoyo companies actively want the mystique that comes from being hard to get… suddenly dumping 300 - 500 yo-yos on the market would obliterate that mystique for them.

I do think yoyo companies can have their cake and eat it too by having the “value” model they make in mass quantities, and then a bunch of limited edition drops. There is a halo effect on the value throws that carries over.

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This is good.


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I was not aware OD machined SF yoyos.

But if that’s true, why do they sell that cheap compared to others?
OD also machines A-RT stuff and they always retail for higher than 100$…

I am not sure what makes A-RT stuff retail for double the price but I must say I’m surprised!

OD machined the SK, which was a collab with SF, that’s the only one.

What makes a/Rt “stuff retail for double the price”. Here is how business works. a/Rt works with OD gets them their design, OD machines that yoyo, has them finished and ano’d. a/Rt pays OD for all that work(price 1), then OD ships all of those yoyo halves to a/Rt (price 2). a/Rt buys their bearings (price 3) gets those yoyos, put in a lot of time assembling them, building packaging for them (time = money, therefore price 4).

You take all of that: Price 1 + Price 2 + Price 3 + Price 4 = a/Rt’s cost on their yoyo. Now a/Rt is a business so they want to make a profit, so they add a mark up to their yoyos. No need to be surprised, it’s a lot of work that goes into getting people these little round spinning things :slight_smile: And they should be paid accordingly.

I read both of Doc’s comments, was surprised at your first reply, also into your second. I think you’re reading way more into Doc’s comments than what is needed.


To add on to this - the SK was designed specifically to be cheaper to manufacture, and they’re making larger runs of it, which helps keep the costs down.

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G2_drops on IG is you best bet. I’ve done a bad job with this lately. Only giving 1 day or less notice. Workibg toward a goal of 48-72 hours notice. But right now there are some releases I package after the drop, because I release them as soon as I get them tested.


I don’t remember these days? I guess it’s been a long time though and I could be forgetting them.

As for the pricing, our best selling yo-yo is the banshee at $99

We have very limited items above $135 with the Elite 18 dropping in price compared to the 17 version.


Hearing it from the man himself confirms it! I’ll create an IG account just for this.

Hopefully I’ll get it down in the website too, so you don’t have to sign up for anything. If I ever do this full time I’ll get a newsletter set up for email addresses.