mostly with a mount that I made up that turned out to be perfect for G.T.'s. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Good Job!

I hate GT’s now. I know too many :frowning:

same here now that I made up my mount. if people want it then I will make a tut with some G.T.'s to learn.

There cool! Great job. Do a tutorial on them. People would love them. I persionaly do not like GT’s because they don’t really flow with other tricks. GT tricks are good for endings but not with combo’s

Still make a tutorial, i would love to see it. Great job! :smiley:


WHAT, the green triangle is my number one move to include in combo freestyle tricks, but thats just my style, i normally add a gt suicide also

I will make one on Monday I don’t get sick.

I forgot to put that this video was a two-parter video. here is the recently-uploaded second half.