G Squared Warthog


This is more of a first impression than a review for several reasons. Idk the specs because they have not been released yet but its average in size and it feels pretty light. The shape obviously reminds me of the Marvel but on the string It reminds me of an igloo. Jake really perfected the undercut from the Marvel and took it to whole nother level with the Warthog. He’s the same nice genuine guy you see in his vlogs. He was shaking hands, conversating, and taking pics the whole time we were there. I got up at 4:45 am and drove 3 hours to get a Glitch Banshee because my World Champs Banshee is so amazing I dont wanna beat it up. The Unicorn Fade suckered me in and the Warthog was so light and different than anything I’ve thrown from G2 I just couldn’t risk the regret. The color is really cool. It just pops and it spins a purple color but when im moving through tricks i’ll see the pink and blue flash around the edges almost swirling sometimes. I can’t explain it but its so awesome. I couldn’t really throw it much at SEC because my kids were tired from the drive and wired from the venue. Seriously, Andretti’s is amazing. I think thats what it was called anyways. If your ever in Atlanta you should stop by. Its huge and filled with entertainment. After I got home and watched the game I was tired. I was really tired, like barely holding my eyes open kind of tired but I wanted to throw it for a little bit before I went to sleep …oh man, I couldn’t put it down. I ended up throwing it for about 4 hours. Its a blast to throw. Its comfortable in the hand, dead smooth(as always), and it can fly. I’m no Houdini but I can do a few decent tricks and I was blazing through the same three or four tricks for four hours enjenjoyingery second of it. I was so in awe of the performance I felt like I was in the zone, by my standards anyway. Lol. Not once did I worry about it hitting the floor or the ceiling. This is all my opinion which we are all entitled to but this yoyo has exceeded all expectations and its pretty rare that I get this excited about a yoyo. Its safe to say the Warthog is the next great yoyo from G2. Well, it’s one of them and I wouldnt feel right if I didn’t at least tell you guys how insanely awesome and majestic it really is.