G-Squared Yoyos x Zammy presents: The Wolf!

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G-squared yoyos x Zammy proudly presents the “Wolf”!

The Wolf started out as merely a small idea exchanged between Jacob and myself. Around this very time in 2015, Jacob and I were talking about future projects for G-squared and he really wanted to test himself and improve upon his developing skills for yoyos. With that said, he asked me straight out, “Want to do a possible project? A collab?” With a bit of time to think it over- come early January I immediatly said a “Yes!” and we kicked it off with our collaboration adventure!

The design of the Wolf is based on all of my favorite types of yoyos I have used in my “career” of playing yoyo. Combine that with Jacobs expertise in development and design, and we have ourselves quite the unique piece of functional art! This is one of the best qualities of it, it has so much influence and evolution that it truly makes it a beast of nature.



As you can see, the Wolf sports a sloping style catch-zone which aids in the use of horizontal play but also to reduce friction on the string due to no high-wall. The slope of the wall reaches to about middle of the way towards the top of the rims. I believe the lines are for aesthetic appearances and or is in relation to the weight distribution. Unfortunately, I’m not the best at lingo when it comes to specific yoyo parts. Anyways the top of the rims has a tiny bit of flair, curving out until the very top part which flattens out. This gives the entire appearance of the yoyo to be a combination of an H-shape style with the organic style. The cup area is where things get really intriguing.

The outside part of the rim curves on the inside so the inward edge isn’t sharp. This gives this specific throw a lot of rim weight involved but also has connected to the middle area of the Wolf. The middle area sports a “double rim” effect which provides a bit of central/middle weight to create stability while on the throw. So between the rim weight and the central weight, the results give an incredible sense of power but without the throw feeling like a complete brick at the end of the string.

And with that all said, there was a major goal that we had in place for the design and that simply: “Balance”. During one of the speaking points with Jacob, I mentioned how I want the Wolf to have the characteristic to be able to blend in with the different mentalities of yoyoing. One one hand, you have the casual thrower, whom simply throws for the out most joy and fun but doesn’t put a heavy hand into trick theory or combo development due to competition. Then you have the competitor type of thrower, who demands performance out of the latest throws, with specs that will help to dominate the competition circuit or innovating today’s trick theory. Balancing both approaches can make it so anyone can pick up the Wolf and control the apex predator that it is!

With the main goal of the Wolf being “balance” accomplished, on the throw it gives the feeling that it is neither what they call “floaty” nor can it be labeled as “brick”. Sporting a weight of 66.4 grams, we were able to achieve the best of both worlds. It has the stability of heavier based throwers, while still having the agility of floaty based yoyos.

I’ve been yoyoing for close to at least 20 years of my life and in 17 of those years I have dreamed of aquireing a true “signature pro-model” yoyo. Something that is built from the ground up based on my preferences and philosophies for yoyo, and I truly believe Jacob and I have accomplished this life long dream. This collaborated project has been an interesting experience on both sides and the end result is the finalized product- The Wolf.


Here is the official specs for the G-squared yoyos x Zammy Wolf!

Diameter - 56mm
Width - 44mm
Gap - 4.4mm
Weight - 66.4 Grams
Axle - 10mm
Bearing - Size C (Ships with the Boss Rage and Boss Wrath)

The Wolves will be sold here on Yoyoexpert retailing at $115-$120 with three colorway options:

“First Blood” -black with red splash
“Warpath Swirl”- grey, silver and red in G-squared swirl anodization
“Andromeda” Black and purple acid wash-ish with blue speckles

Release date will be this upcoming Wednesday, November 23rd 2016! So mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen because the Wolf is gonna be let loose and its going to be on the hunt of its prey!


Sammy is waaaaay outside the box.

Exceptional trick innovator with a truly diabolical mind.

I got a good feeling about this Yoyo.

And I’m not just crying Wolf.

1st class stocking stuffer :nerd_face:


Congrats Daniel! Well deserved, looks great!


Looks like a keeper.


There are so many excellent yoyos available today.

Obviously there is at least a probability that the Wolf will fit comfortably into that group.

I find it a little curious that the news of this new release has just slid down the page with little reaction?

Indeed. :thinking:


Not unnoticed. The app is acting funny. Anyway I’m excited about this yoyo. This is the shape I prefer to play with!


Congratulations on this, it looks great, and that andromeda ano looks it’ll be my favorite

(Zammy Ickler ) #8

Hey guys, thanks for the looking into this thread. I appreciate the replies in this.

@Yoyodoc Well, I could never really fit in the box anyway so I figured just keeping away from it :wink: You and your puns haha. cracks me up! Yeah, I think a lot of people may sleep on this until people get one and realize just how incredible it is. It feels overall unique among G-squared yoyos line of work. It should be very interesting to see the reception once they are out there in peoples hands.

As far as the comment about the news and how it slid down the page- eh, not really sure. I’m not Jensen Kimmit or CLYW so there is that haha.

@Rosenburg Right!? The Andromeda is just too beautiful when you hold it in your hand. So worth the pick up.

I’m wondering if the Wolf will “sell out” as fast as the Soul Doubt did haha



You would do this after I have bought new steel. Ruthless Bas tar d.


I was able to pick one up from Jake at PA states and its incredible. Its ridiculous how stable it is and how powerful the spin is.


Why weren’t the color/finish that’s in the first 3 pictures used for final run? Especially the second picture!? :-\

(Zammy Ickler ) #12

Because the ones you see there are the prototypes. Only 4 Black based Wolves exist and we wanted to treat them special, ergo why they have the custom “Z” engraving and color. The difference in the protos vs the mass production is very miniscule. Jacob is the man in charge of colorways, not myself- but I suppose if enough people ask about it he may make a run.

For right now, if you specifically want black, you will have to get the “First Blood” colourway.



No matter what flavor of jello you serve. No matter what kind of frosting is on the cake. No matter what kind of meat they serve on your barbecue sandwich. No matter what color the free bicycle is that you get for Christmas. If a yoyo was released in 31 different color ways>

Somebody is still gonna pine for another color.

Oh well


Looks absolutely phenomenal. Congrats, Zammy!


I was lucky and scored one. And the colorway I wanted :slight_smile: I haven’t been this excited about a yoyo in a long time!!!


Countdown is up!

(Zammy Ickler ) #17

And this time it is a true signature yoyo! Unlike last time with Yoyofactory and the Soul Doubt!

This is real. This is true. This is the Wolf and it is officially on the prowl! Get on the hunt! Howl at the moon!

First Blood and Warpath are officially sold out! 4 left on the Andromeda!!


I got my Warpath Wolf on Friday morning.

Every Yoyo Manufacturer (other than the machine shop that made these) should have a Wolf as part of their ‘let’s see what other people are coming up with’ Collection.

This single metal yoyo is an Outstanding example of why bi-metal and tri-metal yoyos don’t have to really exist. I’m glad they do; but the Wolf will make you wonder why bother with the extra machine work?

Explaining how Good this yoyo actually is would be about as futile as trying to explain how good a certain flavor of ice cream is.

You ‘Have to literally throw this yoyo to grasp the Serious power and agility of the Wolf’.

In my personal opinion; the G-Squared Wolf is A Perfect Signature yoyo for Zammy.

It is waaay outside the box just like Zammy. This is not a toy.

It is a 1st rate Weapon.

PS… I do not care for grooved bearings. I never did. My opinion of them goes way back.

The Wolf comes with 2 bearings: a flat and a grooved. The grooved is in the yoyo when it comes out of the box.

The yoyo played so good out of the box; that I just left the grooved bearing in the yoyo.

The setup seems to defy my longstanding dislike of grooved bearings.

I’m fine with that.

It’s a Keeper.


An awesome yoyo one of the best in my collection and I love the andromeda color way fav by far

(G2 Jake) #20

Thanks for the kind words Doc!