G Squared Tutorials - Smooth Operator added!

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1a Butterfly

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Independence GT

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Broken Record

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Let me know if you guys like the audio

Pitch and Catch


I don’t post or reply to threads as much as I should, however I feel it’s important to say thank you for all your hard work editing and posting your videos for all of us to learn from. I like the audio, keep it up! Everything you do on here for the community does not go unnoticed. Thank you so much!

Bill M.

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Thank you for the kind words bill. I really appreciate it!

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Gyroscopic Flop

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Tower to ping pong


^^ I have been wanting to learn this trick for a while now. Thanks a lot for such a thorough tutorial.

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Inverted Wrist Mount


I am loving all of these tricks. Thank you so much for giving me something to do when I finally get some free time ;D

(G2 Jake) #13

Good luck!


Nice tricks! :slight_smile: quick question what editing program do you use?

(G2 Jake) #15

I use media impressions for kodak ;D

I have sony vegas but the other one is very simple to use. just click and drag pretty much.

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Magic Drop

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Is it worth doing these tricks that some ppl have problems with like magic drop? Or should I only make tutorials for my original tricks?

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Wrist Mount


Yes I’m in serious need of help in magic drop

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