G shock sponsored EYYC?

So I was watching a video from the EYYC 2013 and I noticed one of the sponsors on the banner behind the players was G shock. What’s that about? I thought only yoyo companies sponsored contests ???

I remember when I think the US Nationals were sponsered by Wells Fargo
Idk why those companies even bother

It’s goal of all organizators to get sponsoring from non-yoyo companies, since it will make yo-yoing as sport more popular and recognized between other companies. But right now yo-yoing is still to small to get big sponsors like RedBull.

Why not?

We need redbull to sponsor like worlds

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Or both

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Similarly, BAC is in communication with Hotel Tomo and a Discount by mention Bay Area Classic. Similarly, Self Edge sponsored it. It’s all about getting the name out, whether it’s a yoyo company or not. :wink:

How is Self Edge similar? Kiya of Anti-Yo owns Self-Edge last time I checked.

Of course a hotel is going to sponsor something that people travel to come to. That’s their entire business. Just because its for a toy doesn’t mean people are cool sleeping in the park all of a sudden.

I was simply pointing out that other non-yoyo companies sponsor the events, as the original post was on that topic. As far as Self Edge goes, that’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Interesting that Kiya Co-Owns it, but it is still a non-yoyo company.

So please, tell me, what has your post contributed besides snarky comments about my first post?

We need more people like Paul Kerbel doing all kinds of jumps and flips across the stage. Maybe then it’d get their attention. ;D

And a Monster energy edition monster.

We do have sponsors like GoPro for the Asia Pacifics



Go pro
Maybe rockstar
USPS cuz they get yoyos tu us.
A radio station for our feeestyles maann