G-funk review


I just picked up this yoyo at the chandler fashion mall at game daze because they dont have one in the state that i live in and im on a trip.

FIRST IMPRESSION: This yoyo was the first and last one they had at the store i got it in gold with a green splatter and it looks magnificent in the box in comes with a trick book and a special colored yoyofactory string in honor of the champions series. Overall this yoyo is very clean looking

PLAY: This yoyo is very small an is my first undersized yoyo and is a bog step down from my genesis in size. I love that because its small its easy to carry in your pocket. On the first throw it spun for a great amount of time around 3 and a half it was very stable for the size surprisingly. It is great for fast play it zips around the string. It also has a very wide gap and a great catch zone width.

OVERALL: i think this is one of my new favorites and can compare to many of the bigger well known yo-yos it is great for anything you can throw at it.