G-funk polish job..

Did a quick polish job on the G-funk.

Looks pretty good. I think out would look better of you did the whole yoyo though.

I appreciate the comment. I have plans for this yoyo later on so I was just messing around with it. A full polish job always looks great but a little to plain for me.

to each his own, I guess that in my mind rim polished yoyos look unfinished. Almost like you stopped halfway.

That polish looks very well done, but in my opinion it would look better if you polish the entire rim or the whole yoyo.

Thank you. Eventually it will be totally polished before I give it a new look. I will post pics of it then as well. I kind of liked the little strip of stock green between the two polished strips. Something you don’t see much of. Hard to be different these days:).

I think it looks really good! And the green stock strip, I have never seen it like that. It’s pretty awesome! Great job:D

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