POLISHED C3yoyodesign Token

Hey guys
gotta a nice little chunk here

Ive always wanted to have a polished yoyo, and ive never seen anyone else with one (In my neck of the woods that is). Only problem was, that i didnt have a clue as how to go about polishing one up. Well after some research and a few questions to Squirrel from his RC experiences, i decided to go for it with my cheap little token. Heres the Results:


Polished or Satined?

ugh idk lol
all i did was strip it, clean it, and used a polishing cloth to shine her up. My guess is polished but im throwing that term loosely lol

that looks great!

Could you get the little Rectangles off the rims? It would look better ;).

couldnt get the laser etchings off which is ok. I wasnt tryin to get the etchings off, just the ano.

Nice. Looks great:)

Did you get the middle and bearing seat polished?

I got everything but where the response groove. But with response in, you can’t even see there

Ok nice!