Future of the 888

With the recent release of the 888GT, I am wondering if there are any plans on bringing back the 888 itself. It is personally one of my favorite yo-yos. After seeing your short gyro flop video using it years ago, I was a bit obsessed. I’d love to see it come back. Especially a small bearing variant. I understand it’s very niche these days, but a guy can dream!


Yes! Seconded, Thirded, Fourth, and Fifthed! Bring the 888 back!

There was also

  • 888 DNA (larger)
  • 888 Mutant DNA (heavier)

I’d say the DNA is closest to a modern yo-yo, so bring that one back :wink:


Yup, I own both of the DNA variants as well.

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There’s also people who swear minute differences by year make big differences in the 888. Like the magical 2007 888, I think?

08 888 November 2007 Release

Upgraded alloy, shape refinements, polycarb molded hubstacks

I’d really like to get a Higby 888!


Compare for yourself!

Even more glorious 888 history!


Do all 888s come with hubstacks?

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No the dv888 does not come with hubstacks.

The DV888 isn’t an 888. :slight_smile:


I’m almost certain every A grade 888 made came with hubstacks.

I say “almost certain” because there may be some obscure release that didn’t but I’ve never seen it if it did.

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The 888GT fills the request. Strongly suggest you pick one up!

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You can say that again, brother. The DV888 isn’t even a yo-yo in my opinion :frowning:

888 is our premium Hubstack® yoyo. (Always has, always will).


I have an 888GT and I like it… but it’s more of a Hitman / Lyn Fury shape than a typical organic 888 shape, isn’t it?


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technically it’s a ConfusionGT shape with 888 styling.

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I already did! A very fun throw for sure.