Further Swimming pool gripes

I feel like I can’t unsee this post I have read. Thanks jhb :see_no_evil:

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Goals met… :crazy_face:


Its reassuring to know there are others who find this hair dryer behaviour strange / weird / wrong.
I’m starting to think i’ve hit a nerve among the many :smiley:

Anyone else with a gripe ?

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I have so many, I am a grumpy old man in a 30 y.o body. I’ll just pick the one that really bugs me. My neighbor always let’s their dog out to go the bathroom. She always runs straight to my back hill to blast a duke. I have to pick it up before I mow, twice a week. So it’s like having a dog that I dont get to snuggle or play with.


Some people have no respect for others.
I sometimes wonder if i followed some of these people to there place of residense and had a dump in their living room would their attitude be as blase.


Just an update.
All the hair dryers in the changing room are now broken / burnt out. Well there’s a surprise :roll_eyes:


Maybe that’s a better outcome, all things considered? :fearful:


Well now the hair dryers have broken my next complaint is people doing the backstroke in a crowded lane, and then looking annoyed at the person they’ve hit because they aren’t looking were they’re going. I mean really ! Swim backstroke by all means but not, i stress not, in a crowded lane, its not rocket science.

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