Dryness due to yoyoing

Greetings YoYoExpert forum members.
I’ve noticed that my throw hand gets as dry as a beached whale due to yoyoing…I got to a point where the skin gets so dry small wounds are starting to open. There are more reasons like the weather that act as catalysts, yet it’ll happen without them as well…I’m at a point in which I actually need to take breaks to let my hand heal, and that, as you may guess, is very frustrating. I use a Dark Magic by the way.
Does this happen to you? If so, any useful solutions to minimize that?

Thanks in advance,

Moisturizer? Just a thought…

I like to keep them dry, personally. I feel it helps soften the impact (or at least makes it not hurt as much :P) when returning from a strong throw with alot of spin left.

If it does get to the point of being painful, do like Apetrunk said and use some moisturizing lotion, or you could go ahead and get a manicure. Your hands will be back in tip top shape.

I ignored it usually, now that it started to be an actual problem I tried lotion, but it doesn’t help in the long term, since it dries faster than it heals :stuck_out_tongue: I guess though that if you keep it dry if I could manage to not get hurt in the process it’ll just be dry as the finger is where the loop holds the yoyo? In a way that will prevent pain instead of causing it? If so I suppose it’ll just be better as soon as the weather stops changing in the middle of the day :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah stable weather definitely helps lol. Well I think it may be less of dryness and more of a callus that forms on your hand and loop finger. I actually have a nice dry spot/callus working up on my throwhand from repeated catches. I like it there. It’s a nice reminder to myself and others (if I care to show it to them) that I’m a dedicated thrower, like the calluses you get on your fingertips if you play guitar alot.

Lotion when you go to sleep and maybe some other time so it doesn’t get your hands too moist when you are actually throwing.

just leave it it doesn’t do anything and dry hands are better for yoyoing

Maybe use some gloves or tape for a while till your hands heal?

I have the same problem.

I use moisturizer, and it works fairly well. After putting on the hand lotion, I either let the lotion dry off of the hand or wipe it dry with a towel.

Gloves work, too, but I like to be able to actually feel the string.

I have a callus on my loop finger already, and I think some of the dryness might be callus, but not all of it…But I got my solution more or less, thanks one and all ;D

yes dude! I GET THIS TOO! was just googling it lol, my string finger is super dry and calloused, my wife says i should get a glove, but i dont wanna get to that piont where i gotta wear a friggin glove just to yoyo.

You got your solution? Care to elaborate?

I had that the first few weeks but it went away after a bit. :-\

To answer Icthus - Most of you guys said that it’s normal, that the palm grows a callus just as the loop finger does. I know it got too dry and also a bit wounded, but that is also because of the weather change. So I’m going to handle the worse parts, the ones who opened and what not, and the rest I’ll leave alone, and with time the parts that are supposed to heal will and the ones that won’t will grow a callus, from what I understand. So that’s about it.

You really should use moisturizer on your hands. Especially if they are dry enough to split. It will work over the long term if you use it daily. Try it for about a week or so. You will see a difference. Trust me. My skin is dry all year. I know it takes a really good lotion to take care of this problem.