Rough hands

Is anyone like me who get severe dry hands? All rough and with cracks where you see white on your fingers. I use fresh string and it doesn’t make a difference in feel. I normally use kitty string and my hands dry up quick. I go and wash them and put lotion in the morning and night. My middle finger is where I put the loop for the string and It’s behind the second knuckle and right behind the first one there is a diagonal line of cracked white dry skin. It’s clearly damaged so my question to everyone is what do you do to fix this or prevent it? Do I give yoyo a break? Should I get a pair of yoyo gloves? soak my hands in moisturizer for 20 minutes? What can I do to reduce the severeness of my dry hands?

Id just give it a break. I used to have the same problem when I would practice for hours a day but I don’t practice as much anymore so it’s not a problem.

YoYo gloves might work. I’m new to this, but I used to use fingerless gloves, with the string around the middle cutoff bit. Its comfy and helped me catch. You can also use tape. They really should make little tight neoprene rings that you could tie off to…I might try this. Also tie a big loop in the string. That way when you put it on it distributes the force better. Try lotion.

your gonna get that for awhile… just work through it and soon a callus will build… it will take awhile but it will happen.

Actually… I’m fleshing this out more. If you just slide a sheath over the loop so that its on the string… then you pull your device and loop through the hole. It’s like enogromic padding. I just made one. Look.

It’s like wearing a tiny pillow. I can feel the pressure of the string, but no pain.

I’m not very good, as I just started, so I don’t know how it will effect upper level tricks. Could someone make one and do… I don’t know… some upper level tricks? It’s just a strip of Felt glued on to itself so it looks like a tube. Then you slide it just below the loop, and pull the unit through.

I’m sooooo… selling this .05 Cent invention for millions.

I used to just use gloves, as my hands, too, were and are very dry and needy, but after 5+ years of yo-yoing I have developed calluses where I need 'em. I suggest using gloves until you find yourself at that point.

And Revoloution626: that invention has basically already been made. YYE made it and it is called “yo-yo tape.”

Shhh. Let me have my moment.

Besides I saw yoyo tape. It’s not reusable… I think. This would be. And it can be sold with a logo, like the paracord holder, and leather YoYo expert keychain. I don’t think it’s revolutionary… but it would be a nice thing to have.

If your fingers are cracked you can put clear nail polish on them to protect them and help keep them from cracking more.

I’m not normally one to endorse skincare products, but I had a lot of issues with dry/cracked hands as well as eczema and the like when I was younger… until I stumbled across this stuff. It sorted out my dry/cracked hands within a couple of days and I’ve sworn by it ever since.,1&wid=504&hei=548

If you can get your hands on some (make sure it’s the concentrated stuff), then give it a try. It’s the reigning king of moisturisers, I’ve yet to come across anything else that even comes close. :slight_smile:

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I have dry hands normally. But mine get to the point of bleeding. I had to go to a dermatologist to get some medication for my hands.


Hand and body lotion…

I’m in this boat as well.

I currently use “yo-yo tape,” or as the rest of the world knows it, athletic tape. It provides enough cushion to keep it from being too painful when I have a split on my yo-yo finger, and protects the pad of my finger where the string is rubbing it on breakaways.

The rolls here at YYE are priced competitively to what I found at that rainforest place, unless you want to buy a 12 pack.

Looks like it would have a detrimental effect on control. Not the same as a glove or tape.

I’ve never used clear nail polish, but super glue is excellent for cracks. Also, what causes your skin to dry and crack more than anything is washing and drying it. I’m pretty anal about my hands being clean and I know from plenty of experience. Try to keep hands clean and wash them as little as possible. You’ll see results immediately.

Very true. And try to keep soap around that’s got some extra emollients in it to replace the ones the soap itself is stripping away.