Who else likes Doing their Hair?

Hey Guys!
So, its come to my attention, that some yoyos have really cool hair
Like Simpson Wong, and Momos new Pink blue black hair!

I also have a Passion for hair, anyone else?

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I wouldn’t call it a passion, but every morning I spend a good 10-20 minutes perfecting my hair, using gel and a hair dryer.

Pictures would be nice :slight_smile:

5 mins with a slick of gel before school.

I hate using gel haha.

I like hair wax, and hairspray.
Straightener, blowdryer

Gel makes my hair grosss

I spend like 30 seconds combing it, then i put on now of my crazy hats.

I have lots of Fun hats too!

for when im lazy haha.
But i still use the hair straightener for my Bangs

Maybe tomorrow I’m a mess right noe

Was doing fun stuff with dye for my hair for a while.

Did some fun stuff with gel for a while but hated how it felt. > . <


I take pride in my hair, even though it’s just a usual navy side combing.

Hair wax and hairspray is the way to go!

Buzz cut. No hair no care.


My dad would like some hair!
He’s so jealous. :wink:

The less time I spend on hair the more time I have to bother people. ;D

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I used to be ridiculously obsessed with my hair to the point that I don’t want anyone touching it. Then college rolled and I stopped caring.
But I did recently get a haircut. Waiting for it to grow a little more so it looks better.

If it’s a normal day, I just use Axe hairwax for about 5 minutes and I’m done for the day. If it’s something abit more special, I use Gatsby Moving Rubber.

I’m not sure how new hair would roll for me in my school. I am in one of those typical middle schools with over privileged kids who can be unbelievable cruel to each other. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not saying that I am not guilty of the above either, it’s just that there are some people in my school who are mind blowing-ly rude and disrespectful. And cocky.

Some quick things to mention that some may find useful.

Natural ways to get your hair shiny and soft.

Mix Avacado, olive oil, mayo, and egg together and mix into your hair. Leave it in with a shower cap over your head for about 20 minutes. Then, rinse out VERY THOUROUGHLY, and wash as normal.

If you do this once a week, you will notice a HUGE difference in about 3 weeks. Restores natural oils and strength and maintainability to your hair. Awesome stuff.

I have a lot of things like this too!

Recently have bleached my hair
My hair is so jet black
It turned orange and red
(See profile pic)

But hey it looks cool!

I just like to wear beanies :3

Don’t really care about my hair, I always have something covering my head. In the winter I wear beanies, in the summer I wear snap backs.

I love my hair. I do wear allot of hats, but right now, I like to spike it up with hair glue. It used to be really long, and I straightened it all the time. I might go back to that…

long luxurious hair here… I take care of it.