Furry Yoyo?

Can you make a furry yoyo? If you can, I’m patenting it! :smiley:

Edit: Furry as in metal with fluff over it.

lol you can dust your house while you yoyo grind it on the counter


Just rip the fuzz of a tennis ball and glue it on the yoyo,I would reccomend trying on a cheap yoyo so if you don’t like it,you won’t waste too much money.

oh i was think in like a long haired fuzz like the dice


^fuzzy dice^


Possibly you can get some fur from fur coats or those furry seats, stick them onto some form of double sided adherence, and fit it onto the yo yo, but maybe you might not want fur inside the gap.

That would be something I would definetly want to have. Hmmmm… not sure on what to get the fuzz from. Your pet? (Ewwwww! Don’t do that! :)) Try microfider from a couch or a chair. Microfiber is a good material, changes (almost) color, and would feel good if you hit yourself! : :smiley: That would be hard. Good idea though!

Thats cool and all but imagine sweating hands and sweating staying in the fur… ewww

I was thinking of flat rims, rubber bands, and fur. Or someone can make one! Maybe YYJ? “Special Edition!!!-The Furry Yoyo!!!” ;D

THE LYN FURRY! From Yoyojam!

Just Skin The Cat

Just cut a tennis ball in half and stick an axle on to it. Now you’ve got a furry looping yo-yo! :wink:

Good idea! But it does need some modification. Tennis balls are hollow, so just cutting one in two won’t work that good. Try to carve out som pieces of a tennis ball and glue it to the flat rims of a Dark Magic. I belive you have a Dark Magic already Batryn, knowck yourself out here. This sounds like a wicked mod and I want to see the result.

Addment: You can try to cut out pieces of tennis ball to fit the curve of the yoyo.

Clever, or you could buy one of those totally fluffy pens and cut the top and stick it into the yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I’ll try this out on my Speed Beetle. But first I need a tennis ball. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could get like some rabbit skin. That stuff is soft and fluffy =)

Ok buy some of those fuzzy socks and use the fuzz as rims for a yoyo :slight_smile:

try gluing some velvet on it or something