Funny yoyo stories

Well, post them.

Mine is I woke up in the middle of the night on the ground with a Dark Magic 2 on my finger and a couple other yoyos lying around.

I set down a yoyo and a squirrel thought it was food.

I was doing around the world facing my mom’s china cabinet (which is made of glass), and my mom told me not to face in case the string broke. I told her the string wouldn’t break, but to make her happy I turned away. The very next throw the string broke, sending the yoyo sailing across the room. Go mom!

Man that’s crazy! Lesson learned don’t take unnecessary risks…

Got a few. The most recent one was when I was at Target playing with these springy spikey rubber balls. I put one to each hand and attempted 2-handed looping with them. Some people stopped, watched and said “Wow, that looks cool!” I’m sure they had no clue that I was making a reference to yoyoing with them.

Prior to that, our newly rescued kitten has taken a liking for my Raptor. I went to go into a bind when the kitten decided he wanted the yoyo and jumped up onto my leg as I was binding. Yes, it hurt and I did successfully bind the yoyo.

I was practicing 5A in a small space when my cat got curious and walked up to the swinging counterweight. Bad timing, she got kissed by a plastic squirrel head. She gave me the strangest look before taking off.

And a couple more from when I was younger. I went to do an Around the World when I didn’t check my clearance overhead. My yoyo got stuck in the tree :). And when I was even younger, I went to sleep with my shiny new red Duncan Imperial attached to my finger. I woke up in the middle of the night with a yoyo dangling off the side of my bed, still attached. Perhaps I tried yoyoing in my sleep?

i was yoyoing at the wisconsin state fair. then i put my hat out just to see if anyone would be generous. i made like twenty dollars then a security guy came over and was like, that is really cool but i’m going to have ask you to stop or pick up your hat.

one time i accidentally did ladder mount with a transaxle yoyo!! haha

i had a string snap in a bowling alley doing 2a loops in 2001, and yesterday I looked like an idiot at work attempting a 3a mount for the 2nd time. that’s about it

One time i was at the ill, state fair an a stra cat walk up to me and i was doing 4a and win i through the yoyo up in the air got a nice tasty lick of my metal drifter.

Funny story of mine- So at one time in history, at one certain time and date, I STARTED YOYOING!


It’s funny that you’d say that because I experienced the same thing. 0.o Strange I know!