Funny Coinsidense

So I was at a family BBQ today and was yoyoing when my cousin (way older than me) walks up and says, “Hey, we went to a yoyo contest just the other day!” pulls out iPhone, shows video. It was DXL. The contest I so badly wanted to go to, but couldn’t. :’( It turns out he and his wife like to shop there. So he asked me a bunch of questions and it was pretty fun answering them, explaining to him the whole world of yoyoing. He asked who the world champion was so I showed him Jensen’s freestyle and the look on his face was PRICELESS. I’m still kinda mad that he got to go and not me :stuck_out_tongue: Just thought I would share this.

Also it was pretty funny, throughout the BBQ everyone was asking me if my yoyo (an 888) was made by Duncan XD

Lol nice story, I swear the dictionary must say something like this;

yo-yo [yoh-yoh] noun, plural -yos, adjective, verb

  1. a spoollike Duncan toy consisting of two thick Duncan wooden, Duncan plastic, or Duncan metal disks connected by a Duncan dowel pin in the center to which a Duncan string is attached, one end being looped around the player’s Duncan contracted finger so that the toy can be spun out and reeled in by Duncan certified wrist motion.

see Duncan for better definition



I remember this year i really wanted to go the OH yoyo contest. Turns out my friend (who yoyos) was in cleveland on the day of the contest and didn’t even know it… sad face…

you should add into that definition somewhere that it is exclusively made to do tricks such as walk the dog, and rock the baby!

i was yoyoing useing my yuuksta the other day and someone asked if that was a duncan butterfly LOL.

Same here. Using my legacy and someone said, “That is a butterfly.” I said, "No, its not. Then he said, “Then its a imperial!” and just walks off!!! LOL. You should have seen how I was laughing!!

When I am yoyoing some people ask if its a yomega or a duncan and I tell them its x brand and they say ¨whats wrong with yomega?¨ I tell them that I dont like duncan or yomega very much and I see in their face that they want to argue with me that yomege yoyo are the best. Something that I really dont like about some people that watch me yoyo is that there has to be one of them that thinks he is a pro and that knows everything about yoyoing. When people ask why does the yoyo sleep so much he starts saying, ¨its a butterfly, thats it that why it spins so much. Give me the yoyo and I´ll do all the the tricks your doing and more¨.

But don’t say they’re wrong… you might’ve just met andre!!! :smiley:

Guess he could recognize andre :stuck_out_tongue:

Half the people I know do not know Duncan! So i don’t face much problems. Except they compare it to Playmaxx. Which is… Oh god…

Thats when I pass them a yoyo and say; “yo dawg you can throw? here man! use my protostar! school me on some mooves!” After they gravity pool and start lookin dumb “wassup man? whats wrong? oh for some reason i thought you knew what you were doing, sorry, guess your mouth was writeing checks that your *** can’t cash, here let me school you on the essentials of binding.” some people need to know there place.