I have a dark magic 2 but am looking to upgrade. can’t decide what to get next. what are your favorite fundametals? And how much are they

California for $65.

But if I can pose a suggestion seeing as you have the DM2 which is a fantastic bigger throw. (What’s that called Fullsized Oversized Whatevs) If you got the bucks and love the bigger size I’d say get a Genesis. Keep in mind you have to decide whether or not you like the H shape. Just a thought it runs for $85 new.

Whats the budget? For around 45-50$, I would say Raptor all the way. Or Dingo. The Raptor is very smooth, almost vibless and can grind really well. Comes with 2 sets of extra pads.

But I think you’re probably aiming for a higher budget, fo $65, A Yuuksta!!! They’re really great, smooth, no vibe etc.

For around 80-100$, I’d say Genesis, it’s really solid and is very “nice”. The OD 54 which is 100 would be the my reccomendation for 100. It features RSM (Rotating Side Members) like hubstacks but are aluminum spikes or for added weight brass domes.

Also, if you’re not interested in OD 54, the Severe is also a choice.

well i belive he said your fave fundametal so i say yuuksta, its a fundametal price but a yyf premium player.