Are all the Fundametals pretty similar?

well besides the hectic and the frantic with strange shapes, the rest are all similar size and weight with different, common shape. Although this means they should all play similar, I have found the Dv888 a better throw then the Lunatic and Tactic. Keep in mind this is my opinion. If your looking to buy, pick which shape you enjoy the most. All Fundametals are great yo-yos.

They’re all very different. They’re all great though.

Umm i’m not sure what your talking about iamme. The Lunatic is not at all like the G5. And you said Lunatic twice.

I know many people that use the Genesis for 1a and more.

Not really. It’s undersized.

Have you seen either of these? They’re very different.

Some, as in nobody?

Not really…maybe somewhat similar but that’s it…

I wouldn’t say very normal (what is “normal?”) but it’s pretty “normal.”

No. 'Nuff said.


Yeah they’re all dufferent.
Btw what does " 'Nuff said" mean?

'Nuff said is short for “enough said.”

guys the lunatic is nothing like the g5! i have both of these and they are not similar. g5 is soooo much bigger. it has a bigger cut and alot of other things. very different yo-yos!!!

I was wrong guys >:(
Stop quoting and saying things about it cause I deleted it. OK?

I find the 2010 California very likeable. My personal favorite of the fundaMETAL series