FT: Velocity3, Modfather FH2, sticker recess FH2 (both OG) / LF: Boltleg, Legacy


First up is a Velocity v3. Lubed the bearing and didn’t get the time to break it in yet. Super smooth. Some dings, mold marks.

Wants: Pair of Projams, Boltleg, Legacy, GS2, or Kickside

Bionic Modfathered dual sili OG FH2. Mint. Awesome.

Wants: Boltleg, Legacy, GS2, Sticker recessed OG FH2, sili FHZ

Single side sticker recessed OG FH2. Awesome engravings(?) all over it. You can kind of spot them in the picture.

Wants: Boltleg, Legacy, GS2, sili FHZ

Looking for a Lyn Fury as well

Get at me these things are awesome.

Are you selling the Velocity? If so how much?

ill tade a legacy with a kk satined flow sili and caps removed and shined for all

You act as if the satin, silicone, and KK are worth something. No thanks.

For the helpful part of this post:
Your Legacy, depending on the satin job, is worth only one of these yoyos.