almost half of my collection for sale


Lots for sale here. paypal only. Add $5 for shipping. If you are international we can talk.

first up.
Mod Squad FH2 $20

Prototype BBYY Bully $60

Alchemy MX $45

ES FHZ w/Buzz-on spr’s $45

painted FHZ $25 I do have all the parts. SOLD

Kyo DNS mint $50 SOLD

MFHZ mint $20

Proyo. Mint. $5

Trilogy. No stacks. $20

speedles pair $15

Proyo, bird in hand, World Team $30

Renegade, Large bearing, pad recessed $25

Higby Butterfly, wood axle $15

70’s Duncam 3YO3 butterfly. $35 SOLD

Clear FHZ, satined, silicone recessed, was painted but 99% of the paint is removed. $15

Another old Duncan Butterfly Sillied and spr’d $25

painted FHZ, Odd little looker. Stock response. $15

Superyo Wildcat $5

30 or so Chaos string and 4 packages of trading cards. $15?

2 stock raiders, mint $20

New FH2 mint $10 each

Trans green pending

75th Anniversary Duncan Glow FHZ $20 SOLD

ILYY Void. Really don’t want to sell it. It was a gift to me from the ILYY gang. Offer and I like it I may bite.

Throw Monkey $10

Projam Highwalled and pad recessed, have a few to choose from. $25

Projam Highwalled pad recessed schmooved $30

Beat up FHZ $10 SOLD

Custom Reactor Great pocket yoyo $40

Agape Soda Blasted, polished or just plain old raw $75

String Theory Prototype $65

String Theory Remnant mint $70

Protostar some small vibe Axle tried to push through the other side but I don’t think it effects play at all $15 SOLD

Supafly (bearingized profly) $20




Read that again. I’m pretty sure that after all those words it says $15




how long does the mod squad fh2 sleep for and how long does the trilogy sleep for. i am going to buy one of those but which one is better?


check your email i sent you a message.




i might take your projam give me stats on sleeptime and stuff


I pm’d you bro.



wow there are a lot of fhzs for sale





do the speed beetles have small spacers and if so i want them for 10 then the black fh2 for 10


bump. I do believe the speedles do have the thin spacers.

(Mr. Nathan) #15

What does the Bully play like?


The Bully plays like a dream.


Could you send me more pictures of the ILYY Void like the bearing and response and scratches if there are any. I might be willing to make a offer


I’ve decided I can’t part with it.


fair enough i wouldnt either :slight_smile:


more things sold.