Silicone Recessed FHZ, Dyed Speedaholic, Vendetta, Upgraded FH2 (Trade or SALE)

Silicone Recessed FHZ - Mint (25)

Mint FH2, IR-Pad response. (10)

Duncan Vendetta. Good condition. (50)

Pair of Higby Loopers. (15)

Yellow Classic, Upgraded bearing, rubber o-rings (10)

Mint Speedaholic. One half dyed black, the other half dyed green. Looks awesome. I also upgraded the response. (15)

Mint YYF One. (5)

65 bucks takes all except for the One and Classic (because they are gone)

Add 10 dollars for shipping.

Thanks for looking!

I can negotiate a price

I want:

Foxland Precision Katz Meow

Any trade offers must be mint. Also note that all yoyos listed above are mint.