FS/FT: Velocity, Lyn Fury, Fast 201, Mosquito, Fireball, Diablo, CWs, and more

Fantastic Plastics! These comprise most of my collection and would just like to try some different throws. The yoyos that I’d like to try are listed at the bottom. Feel free to offer trades and multiples of mine for one of yours is fine, for the right deal. Prices include shipping first class in a padded envelope. Prefer to deal with US only. Thanks for looking!

Velocity - $12
Older version, have box and extra shuttles

Lyn Fury - For trade only
I’m looking for a different color (green, blue, ?). Also have the pictures that go under the caps, but didn’t have them with me when I was taking pictures. It is siliconed right now, but also have the o-rings to go with it.

Fast 201 - $8
The starburst system has been cut out and has one dif pad installed

Package Deal - Mosquito, Speed Beetle, and Fireball for $11 shipped
Mosquito - $6
Weight rings have been added (54g), clean and dry bearing, one dif pad installed, but still plays responsive. I’m impressed with the way it plays and keeping a second one for myself.

Speed Beetle - $6

Fireball - $6

Diablo - $15
Don’t know much about this one. It is a fixed axle and it was a gift. Can’t find any information about it. Made by Playgo Toys.

Counterweights - $13
I have a total of 12 counterweights. The ones not pictured are dice (x3), bouncy balls (x2), monkey, and another skull.

Miscellaneous - $7
Red glove, black glove, 2 holders, brain lube

String - $8
I have 90 strings of slick 6 50/50. Would like to trade for 100% poly strings. Any brand is fine.

YYJ Classic
Adegle Asteroid
C3 Alpha Crash
YYF Northstar/Protostar
Werrd Hour
Magicyoyo (N12, ?)
C3 Token
Centering bearings (Konkave, center trac, etc.)

Freehand Zero - $16 TRADED
Stock, clean and dry bearing, great condition

Freehand 2 - $14 SOLD
Older version, has weight rings installed (65g), has recess for pads (one dif pad installed), 2 scuffs on rims, higby Mr. Yodel pogs dated 2003

Bump. Added prices.

Bump. FHZ and FH2 are in the mail. Things are coming and going.

Bump. Buy the Mosquito, Speed Beetle, and Fireball for $11 shipped.

Bump. Feel free to pm me offers if you’re interested in anything I have.