FT/S good stuff

chief zach gorm mint
scout ash berry mib w patch
Audley ares star mint aqua (retailed around $190)
dread g black nm
onedrop code 2 yellow nm
recess first base solid red mint
yyf super star john ando ed mint
c3 accelerator nm

make any offers I like bimetals and any clyw

Hey, its the person who traded you the dread g. Its been 4 weeks and since you seem to be ignoring my messages thought I’d post here. I don’t appreciate you selling a yoyo that was gained by scamming me. Just thought I’d warn anyone.


looking at his rep, he only has 1 neutral out of many positives. really weird

At one point we were so respected and trustworthy that we actually lived and survived using a barter system. Now we can’t be trusted to swap yoyo’s over the internet. The most inexpensive hobby on the planet, and we just can’t do it.

I had traded him that OD Code 2 at least 3-4 weeks back for an Addiction v2, the Addiction never arrived and he won’t reply to my messages. Probably best to avoid…

Thanks I wanted to buy something from him. Dang idiot. Report him to the mods.