MINT hectic/TFL fs/ft.

hey guys! these yo-yos are in awesome condition but aren’t my style so i’m selling/trading them. if i were you i’d definitely pick up on one, two or all of them especially if you have something in my WANTS list.

trade me:
Alex peak.
awesome FH1’s/FHZ’s
metal milk’s
4A yoyo’s
spr kits, maybe as a deal sweetner?

i’m pretty fluent as far as trades go. anyway heres what i have to offer…

trade you:

  1. the TFL! mint with package and a great beefcake set-up the best of the tfl line!

  2. A mint red/black SB hectic! smooth and quiet, the perfect pocket yoyo!


Did you get that Hectic at MWR ;)?

Gosh those are all nice… But I am totally out of cash :stuck_out_tongue:


evan, yes i did win it at MWR. btw, do you ever get off this forum?



Just a word of advice, I would use proper grammar and punctuation, as well as putting what you’re selling first. Also, don’t say “gimme” because that doesn’t sound very good to somebody that might want to sell you one of those yoyos.


cool dude

chameleon, could you please pm instead of posting on my thread when you dont like something? its sort of a threadjack when you post something that takes the original post in an unintended direction.

for future notice anyone with a problem concerning my thread please pm me.


p.s i changed it up a bit.