help me fix a mistake buy my stuff superstar 45 plus shipp

buy them from me now shipping priority mail so 5 bucks

  1. MINT magenta lime splash very rare 130
  2. MINT gold nugget pretty rare and smooth 90 GONE!!!
    3.clearview station very very rare MNIT 120
  3. black purple wash marmot one tiny scratch cant feel 75
  4. 44 clash severe, prototype cali =70 for both
  5. 2 proto stars blue and grey 30 for both GONE!!!
  6. modded fhz’s 15 a pop on thos 360 1 troller and 3 games needs new disc drive 60$ good deal right
  7. duncan mayham MIP 55$
  8. the new henrys viper flux nonresponsive henrys with hub stacks 65$
  9. MINT blue protostar 25$ gone
    13.axiom 15$ GONE!!!
    14.wolvie BVM 90$
    15.grunt bull orbis 35$…alright 25$ GONE!!!
  10. paint your own wooden fixed axle yoyos comes with paint and brush 15$ plus 5 for ship for 5 yoyos with paint perfect for birthdays and just all around a good time
  11. two terminator tourches for looping red LED for awesome effect make em say wow everytime 25$ for the pair
  12. 2 lyn furys one all black one yellow and black 15$ for both
    19.henry’s circus pirouette juggling clubs 3 set gold stripes 30 bucks rough
  13. 72 black star case … offer

pics upon request via E mail

Don’t make a scammer alert. He has positive feedback, and that is good enough if I would buy from him

Look I have traded with this guy before, buddha. He is THE MOST legit trader ever.

Be careful of what you say.

Not at all trying to get this laptop off of today
And for everyone that thinks I am a scammer is…stupid
I give people the best deals ever

legit guy to trade with. sent me a pic. they are really mint. vouching for legitimacy :slight_smile: might be getting the cali and severe.

no scam no spam since 1986

i think i will buy axiom or grunt bull … come in chat to talk about em’

Alright Guy’s we’ve been doing really well with the rules but you have fallen back to your old ways. You that posted things that you knew nothing about. You shouldn’t say anything, All you should do is hit the report post to moderator and give an explanation of what you think is wrong. Don’t ever call someone a scammer. It’s just not right.

OP you need to post pics in order to keep your thread in our BST. It IS the rule and you need to obide by them.

I cleaned this thread. Don’t let it happen again.

He says you need pictures now if you want this to stay alive.

pics upon request via E mail

Oh, sorry, PM’ed you to put pics. up. Never mind that. :wink:

woops i just pmed you telling you to mind yo bees nees tee hee hee :smiley:

I made a trade with him from this page for the two protostars, don’t call him a scammer, they both came in in a wonderful time and exactly in the condition he described to me.

good to go, says I

I told you to post pictures and you didn’t. Doesn’t matter if you have 100 good feedback. The rules state that you MUST have pictures.

Thread locked