FT Leviathan 5

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Mint Leviathan 5 FT.
Not a single imperfection.
Used only once.
I replaced the original bearing with a Terrapin Delta Ceramic bearing for mad spin times (I can put back the original one if requested)
I want to trade it, but I can sell it only for a very good offer.
I will only take mint condition yoyos.
Serious offers only, I will not take a lot of cheap or middle price yoyos.

Interested but not restricted to:
Wooly Marmot 2
Sturmpanzer Luna or Ogre
Leo sniper MK 2
Blue Ricochet

PM with offers

***** Bandai Yoyos sold

FS/FT Bandai Hypercluster yoyos, parts and limited edition box.

Spinner’s Box (limited edition)
H-shape Flash Fenrir Body (limited edition) x 2 sides
HyperCluster Loop body x 2 sides
Loop HyperCluster Flash Fenrir (limited edition)
HyperCluster Wide Wing S SpeedFalcon (aluminum rings)
Hyper cluster Blaze Griffon
HyperCluster MeteorBahamut (aluminum rings)
10 extra new strings.

The Hypercluster Yoyos are 100% compatible between them, the body, core and bearings are interchangeable.
With the Japanese technology, Bandai designed the internal mechanisms with springs and cogs in a way that you can constantly change the parts without wearing them out.
With the combination of parts provided you can make up to 25 different unique yoyos.
1 core have C size ball bearing with silicon pads (bind required), the other 4 have ball bearings size A, (gap size varies, 3 starburst response, one with pads).

All of them are in mint condition except the Bahamut that has minor scratches.

You can check their info and calculate prices in japanese online stores or japanese amazon.

I live in Japan, so be mindful of the possible shipment cost and delivery time. Also, because of that, I won´t trade/sell separate items, the deal is all the batch.

Bandai yoyos gone.

Leviathan 5 gone
BTW, I can´t find the “move thread button” if someone can tell me how I´ll appreciate it since the items are no longer available this post should no longer be here.