I WANT THESE GONE TODAY!!Leviathan for 65$or trade for new CLYW

Hey guys.I have a couple of yoyos for sale today. NO TRADES!!! the only trades i would consider are for solenoids and Yoyorecreation. Thats my only wants at the moment. These are top notch yoyos so please dont lowball. looking for quick and easy transactions. if you want to buy do it. if you dont have the money wait until you do then contact me. please add 6$ for shipping costs. i ship priority with tracking. NO RETURNS. Thanks

First up I have a red and blue BEADBLASTED Leviathan 1. This is from the very first run of leviathans made in 2009. This means it has a more defined rim than other leviathan1s. I contacted kentaro and he authenticated it as a real levi1. This and the fact that this is factory blasted makes it really really rare. Has a couple of marks and pinpricks around the rim.
Most of them cannot be felt. Plays amazing and grinds awesomely. Looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL in the sun. It has a tiny tiny tiny bit of vibe on grinds. 75$

Next I have a grey with orange and yellow speckle wrath. If you haven’t tried one of these babies, you are definitely missing out. True perfection of the V shaped yoyo. It is smooth mint and comes with the box. What More can you need? NO LONGER FOR SALE JUST TOO GOOD OF A YOYO :slight_smile: