ft/fs: C3 Accelerator, OD Rally, Benchmark V, CODE 1, TP Leviathan 6 and more!


Looking to sell or trade. I would prefer trades.

US only, no international shipping

Message me if you are interested in pictures of a yoyo.

Feel free to make an offer; I’m mostly looking for trades.

Leviathan 6: 3a damage and some vibe. Black $100

OD Benchmark V: Minty. Red w/box $38

C3 Accelerator: Scratches but still nice. Pink w/acid splash

YYF 44 Worlds 2010: Ano flaws and some dings, Red $14

OD Rally: Near Mint. Red with gold rings.

Radical Seas Set Sail: Near Mint. Purple and Black colorway w/box $65

OD Code 1: Near Mint. Wasteland colorway $70

REB Quilin
OD Valor
YYF Space Cowboy
Werrd Irony JPX
Offstring throws
Beat throws
Entertaining any offers

Note: If you make an offer, I won’t hold the yoyo for you. I won’t back out of an offer, but I won’t guarantee your position until we exchange addresses.

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