Selling/Trading some of my collection!!!


Lucky 7
Galactic Goose
2nd Run Stardust
Any size yyf spec bearing (small, large, half spec, half spec most wanted)

Offer me anything interesting, or… well anything really. I’m open to quite a bit!!!

i luv the way put up what you are selling. very creative

Heh, thanks.

what is the yoyo in the 3rd row 1st colum
and is the yoyo in the 4th row last colum a copycat

Right click the picture, click “open in new tab” or “open in new window” then once you’re there you can click the picture to see the full size of it, then you’ll be able to read the words.

But to answer your questions:


How much are you thinking for that L3?

I think it might be traded. but it’s not for sure yet.

I’m not sure. just offer.

im not sure i want to buy it, but im just gonna guess the price is around 70? im not sure though. is that about right?

DON’T GET THE L3 for 70!!! Sorry… They sell for $40 mint. Add a few dings here and there… around $30

If I were a jerk, you would have just ruined my chance at making some good cash… But I’m not, I would never sell something like an L3 for more than $40… Or less than $35…

what kind of bearings are installed in the BB prototypes?

Can I see a picture of what a scuff on a yoyo is ?

thanks for not being a jerk haha. shows how much i know. i may consider taking it off your hands for such a dandy price.

They should all have either stainless steel bearings, or ceramic bearings. More than likely they’re ceramic though.

I’ll be able to get you more pictures in a few days.

Ok PM me and let me know if you’re going to or not!

thanks everyone!

im thinking a large spec bearing for a modded mosquito? ;)[color=navy][/color]

Mmm, probably not because it’s not worth the shipping. sorry.

And up goes the weasel!

L3 Sold to Ubberfish!

What do you want for the mini motrix?

I have no idea what a fair price is