FT/FT: Bronze OD/SF SK, OD Parlay, Recess Joyride, Recess Komodo, YYJ Spinfaktor & Super Spinfaktor | LF: OD, Recess n' more


Hey all! Here’s what I currently have up for sale / trade. I’m an open book and willing to work out deals if you have something specific in mind, just let me know! (prices are negotiable

If you would like better photos of anything please let me know. I know some of the photos below are not optimum quality I took them under mixed lighting conditions :confused:

Trade Interests

If you have something you think I might like, go ahead and give me an offer.

Recess: Weekend, Joyride (new version), Snack, Vacation, Charm
Luftverk - Anything
One Drop: 54, Cabal, Küntosh (reg or 5000QV), Rebirth,
Circle City: Muse
C3 - Bolt 2,
SF - Bliss,
Radical Seas: The Satyr, Siren V2
Floutek: Sumec
Buzzon - Anything
iYoYo: Iceberg, Spinmaster X,
G2: Offer - interested in most.
Monkeyfinger - Anything
Unspoken / 2sick - Decoy

Bronze OD / SF SK - $47 shipped

I purchased this badboy about 3 weeks ago and have only thrown it about 5 times. I really dig it when I throw it. However, for some reason I’m not compelled to pick it up and carry it. So I figured, I should let it go onto another person who might play with it more than me. It’s absolutely pristine and plays like mad. There’s a tiny ano-flaw on the outer rim. (see pictures) No damage.


OD Parlay - Gold / Yellow - $66 Shipped
Love this little guy sadly it doesn’t get a ton of play. It’s in perfect condition, plays great, no flaws what-so-ever. Comes with box.


Recess Komodo - Bubbleyum - $66 Shipped
This one is a feeler. I love the Komodo but I haven’t been playing it recently. I’m not 100% about letting go of it, but if I get any offers, I might consider it. This guy is the “rarer” bubbleyum color. I blasted the rings to give it a different accent, I thought it’d go well with the colors. Absolutely zero damage and it plays like a dream. Wicked smooth.


Recess Joyride - Purple - $35 Shipped
I have several of these so I am putting this one out there to see if there’s any interest. It plays well, smooth on the string but there are a few tiny nicks from riding in my pocket with keys. No major dings, never been hit on the ground. I would really like one of the newer model Joyrides to have one of each.


YoYoJam Super SpinFaktor* - Green & Brass - $?/Trade? **Offer **
It’s an instant classic. No dings or scuffs. Still plays great. If you were around back when these came out, you’ll remember how big of a deal they were.


YoYo Jam Spinfaktor - Black - $?/Trade Offer
Just like the Super SpinFaktor, the standard SpinFaktor was also quite a big deal. These things were beasts! This is the model released after they phased out the engraved rings. No major dings, scrapes, etc. - As for the SuperSpinfaktor, I have a general Idea of what I might like to get for it, but I would prefer to receive an offer on instead…




Updated - YYJ SpinFaktor and Super SpinFaktor added.

prices are always negotiable


Do the humpty hump!




May hit eBay soon.


You want $69 for the parlay MIB, but they are $70 NIB? (Solids, splashes are $90 NIB)


My price includes shipping within the US. I’m always open to negotiations and offers. :grinning:

Edit: all prices adjusted.