FS/FT: YYJ SpinFaktor

Hey all. Refreshing the thread since the previous one was auto-closed. Here’s whats available currently. – As always, if you think there’s something I might be interested in or if you have a different price in mind, be sure to ask. I’m willing to negotiate.

I am open to trades.

Trade Interests

Brands Models
Recess Little Leage, Weekend, Joyride (new version), Snack (especially midnight), Vacation, Charm
Radical Seas The Satyr (heaven’s gate), Siren V2, Oracle
One Drop 54, Cabal, Rebirth, Vtwo, Dang 2, Valor, Vanguard, Gauntlet, Sugar Glider, SOV
Circle City Muse, Hero, Warbird, Hubris
Eternal Throw Curvy Donut Man
C3 / Doc Pop Bolt 2
Buzzon Element-X
Unspoken/2Sick Decoy
OhYesYo Lust, S8tr, Hexada, Nightngale, Paradigm Shift
NYYR PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, Days of Play, Not interested in 1st launch. CUH-1215 is ok but prefer a newer sku/model

(can add cash to make the difference or sweeten the deal)

The Goods

YoYoJam Spinfaktor - 2nd run (non engraved) | Black | $55 Shipped within the US (price is negotiable) .
Add some classic YoYoJam to your collection. These are getting harder to come by, especially in good condition. There are no dings and it still plays pretty good for it’s age. I’m not really playing and I hate to see it sit in the case un used. In light of major life changes, I’m starting to thin out the collection a bit. - If the price is too high, I am open to offers.

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How long does it spin, and can you do walk the dog with it?

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Haha! The fan spins so there’s that at least :stuck_out_tongue:



SpinFaktor now on eBay as well. As always, I am open to offers.

Card = gone! Post updated.

Hmmm. Up up ^^

canned beans | Link updated on Spinfaktor

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