FT/FS: 44 and Spinfaktor


for trade (or sale) today I have a purple with blue splash YoYofactory 44. Excellent throw, super smooth on the string, has a couple small dings on the outer rim area, you can’t really feel it though. Really pretty while spinning and as I said earlier, it is a great throw.

I also have a YoYoJam Spinfaktor HG. It is white with black rims. It is also a nice little throw. Has a bit of the old YYJ vibe, but if you can handle that this will be a great pocket throw for you. Has a few dings. One of the caps is also peeling off a bit. Hybrid Response,

These are two really good throws, so what would I like to get out of them?

I would like to get some offers. An 888 of any sort would make me smile. Any good metal yo-yo will give me a smile. I don’t mind beat yo-yos, but they do go down on value, so unless it’s a beat up Peak or Battosai, expect to add a bit more to the deal. I will add more for a Sky Walker or Battosai in good condition, so just get a hold of me. Any offers welcome. I can add more or seperate them out depending on what you offer. I also enjoy NorthStars, or YYJ BiMetals and I LOVE YYJ METALS.

aqua 888x satined rims 3 dings and some pinpricks there’s 1 scratch around it when the sandpaper slipped while satining

hspin gorylla 1 yyf pad konkave bearing and a few scuffs

want 44 could u throw in like $20-$30 plz