FS/FT Recess Komodo

Komodo- Mint with small fingernail vibe

Offer anything, looking to try out new throws


Dark star is gone! Traded for sleipnir!

Answer PMs

Bump new throws

what throws do you have now?

I have a silver Ricochet that I was getting ready to put on here. It is number 13/500 and has the tiniest little scuff type ding. Sometimes it takes me a minute to even find it and it is right on the lop of the rim. If you are interested let me know, I have the box too. If not I will post on here. The only reason I would trade straight up is because Ann connolly is the only signature I want and don’t have. I will throw in a signed yye card of Harold Owens.

bump new trows

bump looking for yyj hybrids

blimp new throws



near mint with dings LOL ::slight_smile:


Is the Theory still available? I’m willing to trade a yyf Genesis(Hubstacked) …sorry about the image quality I can’t get to my actual camera, right now

I will be willing to sell my red yomega glide here is a pic

Brand new stuff

10,000 views bump

Hey I have a DNA, Boss, and Dark Sonic coming in. Would you trade your genesis for any of those?