FS/FT: Recess Komodo, Yanasi Scissortail, YYJ Spinfaktor | LF: OD, Recess, OYY, PSVita, PS4, PSP, etc


You may want to edit your first post and title to remove stuff that’s gone


I usually do. Whoopsies on that one haha! Thanks for the reminder.


Update: Added Yanasi Scissortail. Also updated “wants” list to include physical ps4 & vita games I am after.


up there


Scissortail and Komodo = Gone!

Edit: For some reason I cannot edit the first post or title… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If the post gets too old it can’t be edited.


Which is normal for most forums and understandable for non-active posts. It’s kind of odd that it would close for posts that are actively being edited frequently. I thought a post had to remain unmodified for a certain period of time before it would close.

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