FT/FS: Yoyos and spintops

I’m looking to sell or trade some of my yoyos and spin tops.
I prefer delrin and cool plastic yoyos but I’m open to anything

Really want some cool FHZs, bolts, pinnicles, delrins, alpha crash, and so on
also headphones

I have the following
$33 Genesis (red)- lots of marks on the rims still plays great
$50 Timeless Glamour (black and gold)- has 3 dings small not noticeable during play
$55 trident(blue)- 3 small dings
$40 pacquiao (gold)- 3a marks you cant feel them only see them
$95 Eetsit (jason wong ano)- 4 dings pictured

Spintastics top unsure which one (organic dye job by Eric wolff)
holo trompo ultra turbo (red)
premier ganador (red)

if you have any questions send me a pm

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Eetsit added to the list

prices added


also sorry to anyone that pm’d me over the last week I’ve been busy with school

bump added something to my wants list

Bump would love some Plastics

Bump also interested in headphones
cool sonys, AKGs, sennheisers, whatever is cool