FT: YYJ, YYF. I want spintops

Some fun yoyos in here. I want a Protostar and a Northstar. Any deal will do.
I have a YYJ X-ConVict. It’s a JD Edition, annoed black rims with a red hub.Hub has a nick taken out of it. Despite that it is a Great Player.

Also have a Blue Hitman with Sili installed. Best YYJ I have ever played. Has a couple scratches on the rims.

For the YYF, I have a Buddha King 2 Lite. Couple pin pricks. Awesome player. Sleeps foreveh!

You can have all of these if you buy me a couple tops from YYE. Not a bad deal. You spend 40 or so dollars and get 150 or so worth of yoyos? NICE!

What are the prices of the yoyos that you are selling?

lets watch the city burn

Wanna sell the hitman? How mucho?

Duncan Bearing King Spin Top Blue

Spintastics SideWinder Spin Top Translucent Green

Spintastics Trompo Grande Spin Top Blue Crown W/ Red Bottom

For all the yoyos?

i have a spin top :o

Note, SpinTopS

Remember remember the fifth of November
The GunPowder Treason and plot.

I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot