FT: YYJ, YYF. I want spintops

(Q) #1

Some fun yoyos in here. I want a Protostar and a Northstar. Any deal will do.
I have a YYJ X-ConVict. It’s a JD Edition, annoed black rims with a red hub.Hub has a nick taken out of it. Despite that it is a Great Player.

Also have a Blue Hitman with Sili installed. Best YYJ I have ever played. Has a couple scratches on the rims.

For the YYF, I have a Buddha King 2 Lite. Couple pin pricks. Awesome player. Sleeps foreveh!

You can have all of these if you buy me a couple tops from YYE. Not a bad deal. You spend 40 or so dollars and get 150 or so worth of yoyos? NICE!


What are the prices of the yoyos that you are selling?

(Q) #6

lets watch the city burn


Wanna sell the hitman? How mucho?


Duncan Bearing King Spin Top Blue

Spintastics SideWinder Spin Top Translucent Green

Spintastics Trompo Grande Spin Top Blue Crown W/ Red Bottom

For all the yoyos?


i have a spin top :o

(Q) #11

Note, SpinTopS

(Q) #12

Remember remember the fifth of November
The GunPowder Treason and plot.

I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot

(system) #13