NEW. YoyoFactory tops


I just have to say the new yoyofactory tops are amazing. I hope they sell them here soon! I definitely recommend these tops. I can’t put mine down.


Pics please! Did you get them at a contest?


are you talking bout these?



oh, i see them here (YYE) now for sale. i just ordered two (one of each) but without the led and also ordered the tip upgrade kit.


p.s. yes, i am addicted to both tops and yoyos.


Yep, me too! Have to have…


got the tops today. these are two of the smoothest tops i have. very nice - but i’m sort of preferring the larger tops (tromp grande size). but these are very smooooothh spinners. i prefer the electric over the short circuit but both are worth the very low asking price. i like the string and button that came with them as well. the string is very smooth. the button is nice and big so less chance of slipping through the fingers. the string seems to be just the right length. don’t have to do any hand twisting to get a straight throw. the bearings in the electric seems be very good compared to several other bearing tops i have (tromp bearing, bearing king, blizzard). spins much longer then any of the others. but i probably need to learn the bearings in the others.

i didn’t get the led version. i can’t give a really details review since i have one been doing this for a bit over two weeks. i can only do the basics (big scoop, skyrocket, boomerang) - but for these basics, they are great.



Everybody that knows me knows I always suggest the Duncan tops for entry level fun, but I just got a short circuit in my YYF/YYE mystery box, and I was amazed. I was so impressed I ordered another one so I wouldn’t feel bad about beating up the cool YYE edition, and I got a elec-trick too. It plays great out of the package. No string mod, no tape, no bearing cleaning, these guys are hands down the best economy tops I have ever played!
This should finally put to rest the top noobe question, “what top should I get?” Get these two tops, make it a stickie. This could not be an easier choice (sorry Duncan, I still love you though).
I am getting excited about getting back into throwing tops more, and looking forward to the YYE spin top tutorials.