FT/FS Chief, OD, SPYY, YYF, ect...

I have a few throws that I am looking to trade. The Burnside and Chief wont be easy but offer anyways(:

1.CODE1’s I would prefer special editions
2. Burnsides’s Special editions
3. Dietz Special editions
4. CODE2 Special editions

1st Row: Thunderstorm Burnside, Purple Flame Superstar, Purple Silver Splash 2012 Rockstar, Purple Duncan Raptor (ALL MINT

2cd Row: 1st run Silver Chief, Severe 2010 Purple wash, Paul Kerbal MVP, OG Punchline Anno’d by Jason Wong (Chief has small blue scuff, severe has small damage cant be caught on camera, punchline has a few marks here and there but nothing bad)

3rd Row: PHENOM(no caps), Modded FHZ signed by Jensen Kimmitt, Stryker (All are mint except for fhz has some marks)

Stryker, FHZ, and Raptor GONE


  1. Orange Zest CODE1
  2. Subterranean Burnside
  3. Half Red/ Half Blue Hatrick

Is that the stryker you were suposed to send me?

I would read this thread before you trade with LCW11635

Actually I bought that one on the YYS forums. This one is mint. The one i sent you wasnt. Dude I promise you. Im not a scammer. Look ill make u a deal. Even though it could have been lost in the mail, ill send you this stryker if you fix my feedback saying i didnt scam you. I swear i shipped. ButI never use the one i bought so Ill ship you a 2cd stryker so you know i dont scam!

The splash is the same so its the same one! What about the C13? If you have that too I will fix your feedback.

The reason the splash is the same is because thats the only color of the stryker there is! They dont have more than 1 color? And I dont have it. I can give you a raptor and fhz for the trouble this has caused. Again I appologize. I dont scam people.

Ok fine send those with the stryker then. Ill update your feedback when I get them.

I will send them either way because I feel bad that you didnt get your yoyos. But do you still think I scammed you?

Kinda, yeah because the splash is identical and I don’t just mean the color but how it hits the yoyo and the little details like the dot near the spike are the same. But I do think that sending me the yoyos makes up for what you did.

Chief is gone! And im not looking for 54’s too.

Bump and i meant to say i am NOW* looking for 54’s too

The Chief is now still available!