UPDATED!!FS/FT CHIEF!!! YYF,OD,SPYY CRUCIAL, more! LF: trades and cash

CLYW CHIEF!!! prob not going to trade unless for another chief. pink speckle on black ( want minty mint or a solid color chief preferablly mint but offer any) 130$
OD Burnsides TS and red acid mint 80$ each trade
1st run dna orange 90$ trade
mint avante garde blue/yellow 85$ trade
Mint supernova green blue yellow acid wash 90$
mint blue northstar 30$ trade
non mint (satined) g5+ red 50$ trade
mint black green splash crucial confection 75$ trade
mint blue wavelenth super g 75$
blue PSG mint
CYYC Recurve mint

In the mail
Spyy dynamo
Spyy spyder 2

Also have 100 packs of strings
Yellow polly
green Kitty String
White Polly

chief, i have money for a chief as well…
code 2
Vs. newton walker
offer anything, lowballers not accepted

my other account has negative feedback like this one, Mike Marshall, it is from the same person who did not get my trade, a warning but i tell you this i am not a scammer and he did get my yoyo at PNWR ask him yourself. im good with all trades and have positive feedback as well

can we see some pics, pls.? forum rules…



Any trades for shipment? I’ll trade a dv888 and a n9 for somethig

updated new stuff

new stuff including chief…


P.M. me for pics for people who wan them