Looking for Trade offers only!

US Only! Sorry!

Do not pm me between the hours of 8am and 2pm Hawaii time. High School…

Most recent run, Foxy Moss Chief! Green with silvery acid wash.

Two little nicks. Still buttery smooth! :smiley:

Comes with Box!

Also, a brand new pack of Toxic Dragon Strings. :slight_smile:

Update: adding a Mint onedropyoyos Project 2! Half red, half yellow! no box, sorry. :smiley:

Looking mainly for an Avalanche!
Almost Any colorway, Matterhorn would be ideal. doesn’t have to be mint! I MUST HAVE ONE! Please offer fg or normal. Will trade both yoyos for near mint A grade.

Arctic Circle! :smiley: These look amazing! I will trade both the Chief and the P2 for one!

1st run gold Chief. Doesn’t have to be mint.

Also LF a First Run Hurdlers Canvas! or Red Dingkface! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cascade! Silver splash colorways would be nice.


I respond to all offers.

Thanks for looking, offer away!



Would you go for a frantic and a pgm

Can’t do that, sorry.

Appreciate the offer though.

And I will throw in a size C
Center trac bearing

What about a kyo dns and frantic

No thanks, sorry.

An from now on, all offers, pm me.

Bump! Keep offers coming!