FS/T: Skywalker, Chief, SteveB Severe, Burnside, 888x

All GONE, pls don’t bump!

Yo-duh Skywalker: Minty mint with box. That’s the original string and it’s never even been tied off to a loop. I’ve only thrown it down once on another string. Not by any means desperate to sell, but I’ll consider offers of either cash or other rare, great throws. I DO NOT want lower end or damaged throws plus cash or 4 yoyo’s or anything like that. This throw is very hard to get so I’d want something high end to replace it. I might even trade up with a little cash if you’ve got something really impressive.

Latest run Chief: Totally mint/box. It’s hard to tell in pics but the orange is actually a deeper copper color and really looks fantastic. Again, it’ll be hard to get from me, but I’m always looking for good or interesting trades (and of course strong cash offers). Also, again, I’d only like to trade equal or above in terms of rarity or value.

Steve Brown Severe: Fairly minty, overall excellent condition. Only really notable imperfections are two tiny ano rubs, one on each cup. I can’t get in close enough to picture them. Plays perfectly. $80 obo.

“Flame Burn” OD Burnside. Mint/box. Played a little on carpet and totally mint. Maybe the coolest colorway I’ve personally ever seen on any throw. This is another one I’m just putting out there. If the offer is strong, I’ll consider it.

888x. Mint/box $40obo

hey i want the spyy addection ill give you 50 and a speedmaker


Mint 28 stories sasquatch, a yyf whip, a custom made small yoyo monster case, a limited ed legend of zelda ds lite for your code 2?:0

Hey ill buy the adection for 50 text me if its a deal 9702709836

new throws added



I got a blackbipbop clyw wooly marmot. Skywalker or chief …?


is the chief and /or burnside still for sale?