FT: dif-e-yo GTO-F

GTO comes with an extra set of dif pads. It is in good condition (it is raw so has the typical “raw yoyo look”) with like 5 scratches (they cant be felt), it has zero vibe and its very smooth. However it will not come with a kk because the guy i got it from didn’t have it, and I can’t find the weight rings so it will be without those.

Thanks for all the offers, keep em coming!

Any mint condition YYJ bi-metal
Any YYF metal that doesn’t vibe (doesn’t have to be in great condition)
Almost any other offer-I will be willing to take quite a few different yoyos for this

Yoyos with lots of vibe

PM me with offers

PS: On the pic showing damage, that was the only part that I could get a good pic of. There is 1 mark like that only smaller and about three small scratches that cant be felt.

Bumpdate-Pics added, wants changed

Would you take cash on this?

hehe, memories.

“I’m gonna kick this thing straight to the moon!”-Some random guy on American Idol.