FT: Dif-e-yo G-T-O (with some bonuses)

Ok so here is the deal I bought the GTO a few months back to try and get back into yo-yoing but as life usually does, it happened and I barely used it.

Its in great shape been hardly used and I would really like to see it go to someone who would really get the use out of it but if it just adds to your collection thats fine. Im sure that once i get better and get binding down this yo yo would be fine for me. However I would really like to try out some of the other full metals and don’t really have the funds to get one at the moment so I figure a trade would be the best bet.

I am not really looking to sell but I will consider money offers.

About the GTO and Bonuses:
I would consider it pretty much Mint due to the lack of use and it was only ever used over carpet.
What I am trading with it is The case it came in its a little can you will see in the pics. It will come with a green Highlights string the KK Bearing, and the 2 weighted Speed Rings. Also a set of replacement Dif pads that came with it.

Now I know this is not a real big bonus but I bought 2 mosquitos with intentions of modifying and if i messed up i had a spare. Well turns out I did not need the spare so I’m throwing that in as part of the Deal. Its Mint (never been opened) Without further adieu here are the pics (wants will be listed after)


Wants: Not in any real specific order. (willing to throw in cash if offering higher priced throw)
Other Metals
Make an offer I want to do a metal for metal(s)
I do not want any plastics or hybrids (might consider if its added to a cheaper metal)

Ps. I know I have no trade count and not a whole lot of posts so I understand that you may want me to send first and in most cases I am more than willing to do so or at least discuss some options. I would also like to keep shipping to US or Canada. However International is a possibility.

I have a Mint Maverick with both Sets of Spacers it is unresposive but provides easir binds than a Dif. i can throw in a PGM or a Hitman if need be. BTW Where did you get a GTO I have been looking for one.

Hmm I will have to think on that one.

I got it from yoyocrazy dot com its going price is now $79.99 pretty certain I spent the $89.99 price lol.


how about a g5 and ten strings and a slitly dingnd dunken die conter weight