Some throws for sale!

CONUS please. PayPal F&F preferred. If not please add 3% for G&S I’ve got shipping.

The Goodlife Pharo+ Mint never thrown (Has lotus 10 ball bearing and titanium axel I put in) - $110 -SOLD-

Yoyo Friends Nucleon Mint with box - $55

G2 Banshee 18’ with box mint - $100

-Sold—G2 Mamba Covenant mint No box - $100

Yoyo Friends Tiny brand new not even open on the blue crackle colorway - $120


Will trade multiple for:
RGB Reaper

Take all for $300!

Pharo+ Sold
Listing updated

Bump up my post (see what I did there ?)

Would you consider Trading both G2’s for some older throws? FH0 Other assorted metals? I’m just starting here and cant seem to send messages yet? You can check out some of what I’m selling on ebay (Benbelknap) but If interested I can post pics somewhere here. Currently working on a list for possible bulk sale, so please let me know.

Bbbuuimmmmp price changes done