YYF full metals up for trade. wanted-2010 G5 with z-stacks, 09 SEVERE with caps,

First off here is what I am looking for.

  1. 2010 G5 with z-stacks, 09 SEVERE with caps, Supernova, MVP, mighty flea with 10 new flea strings
    the flea must be mint, everything else must be near mint and any damage must not affect play, bearing must be unresponsive and be able to spin for at least 6 seconds when flicked.

Here is what i have.

YYF Primo yellow/green acid wash
mint. Has no visible dings or scuffs, but if you look real hard you can find a small ding near the response from where i dropped it on a wooden floor from 3 feet(reason i said it is mint is because you need a magnifying glass to find the ding. stock response/C sized bearing(the bearing spins for only .20 of a second when flicked). This yoyo is signed by Joe Wilson and Ann Connolly where PRIMO is laser engraved. Each half has one non-worn signature.

YYF DV888 orange
Very few dings and scuffs overall. Plays smoothly. Clear silicone response done by me/ Size C center track bearing(this bearing is noisy and spins for 5-6 seconds when flicked.) this yoyo is signed by Joe Wilson and Ann Connolly in the same fashion as the primo but the signatures are beginning to get worn out( they are still easily visible though).

YYF Lunatic purple
USED this thing has a good sized ding on both sized with other scuffs(not dings) and small dings covering the rims. This yoyo still plays great and any vibe gos away after 3 seconds of being into a combo. used stock response that plays well but needs to be replaced/ C sized bearing(not silent but isnt very noisy at all. bearing Spins for 8-10 seconds when flicked.)

YYF Yuuksta gray/white acid wash
Near mint. Has a few small hard to find dings received the same way the Primo got its ding. Its bearing is the same as my primo’s as far as size and how well the bearing works. stock response. This yoyo is signed exactly like my primo.

There are no pics because I could not find my camera so you will just have to trust the description. If you really want to see pics PM me with the name of the yoyo you want to see and your offer and your phone number and i will get you the pics.

No money just trades.
i will not be held responsible for stuck bearings. all bearings will come off with a bearing tool and should come off with pliers.
please include a subject

Rules state you must have pics

Why are all the throws signed?

the lunatic is not signed.

I love my 09 severe. lol. Its amazing.

which is exactly why i said i would trade for one

Well if you can find a way to get pics to the people that PMd you, why dont you find a way to get pics for this thread? XD

How about a mint LE champagne and green Genesis unsigned for Yuuksta.

How about my genesis for the primo.

go ahead an offer what you have as long as its a full metal yoyofactory

no double bumps. come on zach follow the rules. (i’m trying to help ya here)

what is a double bump?BUMP

would u trade into for a JonRob genisis

Would you accept money for the DV888?