FT: Big Bang Bandalores, Top Yo, 2sick: iYoyo, YoyoRecreation, RiHara, YYF

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I got a couple throws for trade. Could probably sell for a fair price but mainly looking to trade. So offer up

Big Bang Bandalores: Quark, purple Minty mint

Top Yo: Photon, Grey and Blue. Few pin pricks

2Sick: Pawn Clear with green caps or whatever. Couple scratches

iYoyo: Veritas black and green beauty

YoyoRecreation: Triad Clear NM manufacturing marks as per usual. Plays smooth

RiHara: arc sky? Gray and silver. Mint and butter

YoYo Factory: Northstar Green. Banged up a bit

Hasbro/Auldey: Blazing Team Metal Max Tornado. Red

Message me for damage picks or just more detailed pics. And please be patient. Me and my phone are not friends. I avoid him. Thanks for reading.


I have a blue Duncan Metal Racer. There are no dings however the chrome wheels are a little worn and the SG stickers look worn. Plays pretty well. Kinda willing to trade for anything within reason.

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I appreciate the offer butt I’m gonna pass. If you want to offer anything else just let me know

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