FSOT: CLYW, TP, 2Sick, YoyoFriends [Help me fund a Ti!]

Hey all!! Selling the majority of my collection, all great players!
Top Row: CLYW Kodiak, Manatee, YoyoFriends Raytracer
Bottom Row: 2Sick Flank, TP Leviathan 2

CLYW Kodiak[GONESIES]: Tiny bit of nail vibe, has box, near mint to be safe. I could have easily said mint.
CLYW Manatee: Has nail vibe, a few flat spots that take me 10 minutes to find inside the splash, has box. Color way is called Peace bone.
YoyoFriends RayTracer: M I N T. No box. Blue/Orange HalfSwap, smoothest yoyo I have ever tried.
2Sick Flank: Hint of nail vibe, but mint. Probably tune-able, never even bothered. No box.
TP Leviathan 2: Has some nail vibe, but not sure if what you feel on a grind is the glossy finish or the vibe. No box.

You can make offers for all the yoyos, but please do not lowball, I know what I have. I will try to make deals in case of bundles. I am located in Eastern EU so please keep shipping in mind while offering. ONLY trade I will consider is Ti’s, Vayders, Luftverk, RSO etc. Feel free to contact me for extra photos, negotiation, anything!


Heyy you still got that Kodiak???

bumpp, and if any mod sees it, why can’t I edit my original post?