FS/T: CLYW, Oxy, OD and more. LF: Will buy or trade for YYRs, Ti on my list.

Looking for YYR throws I don’t have. Will trade or buy for the right model and color.

Clash 2010
Overdrive 2
Overdrive 2+
Overdrive, New (2013) *PENDING *
Third Impact

Also looking for Ti throws, and Ti hybrids (more motivated by YYR right now though):
Oxygene Ti 9.06
3yo3 Ti5
Anti-Yo BSP
Oxygene Ti (2009)
Oxygene Ti (2011)
YYJ Titan Gold
Sergey Novikov Miss Ti
Mainthrow T-95
Auldey Photon Spirit S
KYO Tiphiter
KYO Tiphiter 2
KYO Tirade
Russell Andert Derti (4 made)
Chico Bulldog

I will list my FS/FT yoyos in the next post in the thread.

Here is my entire collection. I will list the yoyos below the pics, labeling them starting in the top left, working left to right, going one row at a time. Closeups of the ones for sale/trade will come soon.

Will consider the yoyos in the post above, or cash offers for all throws. All throws are mint or so near mint that I can’t tell they aren’t mint. Only exceptions might be some response wear, or the bearing is broken in. There are no dings, flatspots or scratches, or other damage caused by me. They were always played above carpeting, and well cared for in a case.

Prices are more or less negotiable depending how much I love the throw. I am not a very motivated seller. Am interested in trades, but not super lopsided trades.

I will never be offended by an offer no matter how low, but lowball offers that are way off base will be ignored. Also, I may cancel this at some point if when I hit my target goals at getting some new stuff.

All prices are paypal or pre-paid cash/money order, and include shipping.

Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre - NotForSale
Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper - NotForSale
YYF Mighty Flea original version - $90 - includes lots of extra string, axle, original egg, etc.
ILYY St. Eel - $80
Oxygene Megatron - $125
TP MaxBet - NotForSale
TP Isotope 1.03 - NotForSale
TP Leviathan4 - - NotForSale
TP Outsider - NotForSale
G2 Triton - 1 of 3 in the splat colorway - $135 - Traded
ILYY x OD Sakura SE - $90 - sold
CLYW x OD Summit - $95
vsNYYC Batosai - small flatspot - $80 - plays great - Traded
vsNYYC Skywalker - the works - $125 - SOLD
vsNYYC Skywalker - $90 - maybe has a small blemish - On Hold.
I have never seen it, will look more closely soon.
DS Wrath - NotForSale
YYR Messiah - not for sale, would only trade for another one of another color
YYR Re-clash - not for sale
YYR clash cube - not for sale, would only trade for another one of another color
YYR Six - not for sale
YYR Triplet - not for sale, would only trade for another one of another color
YYR DreadnoughtG - not for sale
YYR Z-ON - not for sale
YYR Attune - not for sale
YYR E=MC2 - not for sale
sOMEThiNG ANglam CC - not for sale
sOMEThING Anglam - $185 - Traded
GeneralYo M10 - Unengraved - $95 - SOLD
GeneralYo Aman KLR - $95 - Traded
GeneralYo Hat Trick - few small pinpricks - $45 SOLD
YYR Dazzler - not for sale
OD Sovereign XIX - not for sale
NSCo Aurora - not for sale
Oxygene Hyperion - not for sale
CLYW BvM - $80

Case 2
TP Albino Leviathan - $70 - Sold
YYR Diffusion - not for sale
YYJ Trigger - not for sale
YYJ Classic - not for sale
YYJ Classic - not for sale
Row 2 - 5 magic yoyos not for sale.

restarting on Row 4:
NSCo Quantum - TRADED
NSCo Helix - $175
Madhouse compulsion - not for sale
Madhouse “JAYYO” edition Epic - not for sale
Madhouse RAD - not for sale
DTI Beast: $30
OD 54 - $60
Spin Dynamics MonkeyFist - $60
OD Dingo - plays great - $35
OD Dingo - blue/orange - not for sale
YYR Triplet - not for sale
empty slot
SpeedTeam 7 Saints - nice yoyo - I’ll toss in as deal sweetener to first sale over $100 who requests it
OD Deitz - $75
Oxy x HSpin H2O - $80 - includes original box - SOLD
Came Yo Mondial - $30 - SOLD
Came Yo Moonstar - $25 - SOLD
Mag Custom - not for sale
Kuhn SB-2 - $45
ANY FreeRider - SOLD


I based my prices on what I bought them for, then dropped them. There are a few that I am listing at full retail, as they are not available, and quite desirable by my estimation. There are a couple I don’t remember what I paid for them, and based prices on what I think a fair price is based on new pricing. If I’m way off base, just let me know what you’d offer. As I mentioned above, I am not looking at a fire sale. Mostly interested in trying to get some YYRs and Tis that I don’t have a budget for.

Can u please list what these are?

I am currently typing up the list. Please be patient.

whomp? No. Bump.

Just wanted to say you have a sweet collection!!!