FS/FT CLYW & OD!!!!!!!!

All throws smooth and play well. Detailed pics upon request if interested.

Left to Right:

Row 1:

Avalanche has a pair of dings.
Jack Rabbit (?) Sasquatch has one ding.
Advanced Scout is super near mint. Plays extra smooth.

Row 2:

Dragon slayer Yelets is near mint and plays very smooth.
Nickel Summit has light marks that are hard to find and plays smooth.

I’m looking at any offers. YYR, One drop, CLYW, Recess, G2, and 2sick are always cool but again, looking at anything. I’d trade all for a nice Titanium yoyo. If you have a titanium yoyo to trade I have other stuff to trade.

Money is always good. If you wanna buy just send me a fair offer and I’m sure we can work something out.

Pm me any offers.

close ups on the bottom row?